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Tool set Teng Tools TCMM715N

"Teng Tools" Type Mega Master. Tool set with 715 pieces placed in the roller cabinet TCW810N and in tool boxes TC806NF and TC803N.
Bracket TCF01 for securing the middle box tor to the roller cabinet included.
Tool panel TCW-SP for mounting on the side is included.

Art. no.10624-0203
Teng ToolsNoTCMM715N
Weight completekg180
Price completeSEK
Contents per drawer
DrawerArt. no.Teng ToolsDescriptionSee
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4/610445-0101TTMI16.16 piece mini-pliers/mini screwdriver set 
4/610210-0104TTID20.20 piece ½" impact screwdriver set 
4/66922-0101TTCP099 piece chisel/punch set. 
4/60416-0206TT01TT drawer with compartment divisions. 
5/617440-0101TT917N7 piece screwdriver set 
5/610982-0101TT440-T4 piece plier set  
5/617441-0100TT917TXN7 piece TX/TPX driver set 
5/614403-0103TTMD7474 piece bit ratchet screwdriver set 
6/610623-0105TTPSPG4 pieces Universal/weld tong set 
1/30398-0109TT8042 in 1 puller set 
1/310619-0101TTNR8181 piece rivet gun with rivets 
1/36919-0106TTTD1717 piece tap and die set 
1/310212-0102TTHP088 pieces hook spanner set 
2/36893-0106TTHEX77 piece hex key set with T-handle 
2/30403-0102TT474-74 piece 7" set of circlip pliers 
2/36892-0107TTTX77 piece TX/TPX key set with T-handle 
2/36921-0102TTHR8181 piece rivet gun with rivets 
3/36891-0157TTX631111 piece ring spanner set 
3/310069-0106TTXPB33 piece prybar set. 
1/106887-0104TTXEXT1313 piece extension bar set, ¼", 3/8" and ½" drive 
1/100349-0109TT143535 piece ¼" socket set 
1/100352-0103TT381919 piece 3/8" socket set 
1/100357-0207TT121717 piece ½" socket set 
1/100357-0108TT12055 piece ½" ratchet handle set 
2/107319-0100TTX1292½" torque wrench med angle gauge 
2/106880-0101TT911616 piece ½" impact socket set, short/long sockets 
2/106885-0106TTHEX2323 piece ½" socket bit set for int. hex holes 
2/100389-0100TTALU32 piece clip set 
2/106886-0105TTTX2323 piece ½" driveTX-bit socket set 
7/106891-0108TTX20327 metric combination spanners in set 
7/102756-0101TT123612 metric combination spanners in set 
7/106934-0107TTSN11.11 piece dismantling set 
7/100396-0101TTOS16.16 piece oil service set 
7/100389-0100TTALU32 piece clip set 
8/106897-0102TTX9188 piece screwdriver set 
8/1010621-0107TTPS099 piece tool kit set. 
9/106891-0207TTX26407 piece combination spanner set - imperial sizes 
9/105805-0303TT35928 piece combination spanner set - imperial sizes 
9/106861-0104TTAF3232 piece ¼" and 3/8" socket set, short sockets in imperial sizes 
9/100357-0306TT1215AF15 piece ½" drive regular AF socket set 
9/1010214-0100TTTX3030 piece ¼" and 3/8" socket/socket bit set for TX-, TPX- and TX-E screws